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5 Reasons to Attend Social Business Atlanta …Besides the Fact that it’s Free

By at January 12, 2012 | 4:02 pm | 3 Comments

On February 3rd we are organizing a day-long conference being held here in Atlanta at the Georgia Tech Research Institute Conference Center.  That day we’ll be focusing on the need for companies to transition their approach to “social” away from a narrow, reactionary set of disconnected activities, to a full-fledged corporate culture strategically aligned to build long-lasting relationships with today’s empowered customer.

And while I think it’s a great time to have this kind of event, I know that is not reason enough for you to take time out of your busy schedules to come join us.  Even the fact that the event is free isn’t enough to get you here.  So I put together a few reasons I hope will help convince you to join us in discussing why it’s time to prepare for the new business as usual, and to Get Down to Social Business.

Too Many Companies Treat “Social” As A Gimmick and Not As Part of the Corporate Strategy

Most companies today understand how social sites, mobile devices and cloud computing are changing the way people interact with the world around them.  Not only has this combination changed customer behavior and activity, it has also raised their expectations on how they will be treated – and given them more control over the relationships they choose to enter into.  And as consumers grow more comfortable and adapt to the speed of technological innovation, the more important it is for companies to understand the impact this will have on interacting with them, and the importance of creating great customer experiences to extend the lifetime of the relationship.

We’re still early on in the lifecycle of the social customer, but as technological developments and consumer adoption accelerate, it’s critical for companies to plan for what they must do to be in lock step with changing behaviors, activities and expectations.  This goes beyond putting up a Facebook page and tossing a few tweets out. It calls for taking a good hard look to see if your company’s culture, strategy and technology platforms are able to keep up with the quickly evolving needs and demands coming from savvier, better informed customers.

Experts Sharing Their Knowledge on How to Align Business with Customer Expectations

For a topic like this, it really calls for people whose experiences, knowledge and unique perspectives cover a wide range of areas and expertise.  Fortunately for us we are able to put together a great lineup of industry thought leaders and experts  to participate in the day.

We are excited to have best-selling authors, industry experts, high level executives at large companies and leaders at some of today’s most important technology vendors coming from all over the country to share their knowledge and insights.

There are really too many great people to try and name them here – and I don’t want to leave any of them out – but they are all listed on our speaker page here. I really encourage you to take a good look at that list as I am sure you will find many familiar names of people trusted throughout the CRM/Social Business industry.  And a good number of them will be speaking in Atlanta for the first time.

Great Location, Great Venue with Free Parking in Midtown Atlanta!

Not only have we brought together a group of respected, trusted voices in social business, we’re bringing them to a really great venue – The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) Conference Center located right off The Connector in Midtown Atlanta.  This is a state of the art facility where each seat in the auditorium comes with electrical outlets for you to plug in your devices.  It also will have free wifi throughout the venue so if you need to answer some emails in between tweets you’ll be able to do so.

The other nice thing about having the event at GTRI is that you can park for free…No, I’m not kidding – you can really park for free!

Free Eats

We have great sponsors (see the event homepage!) who realize that people need to eat at events like this.  So we’ll even throw in a little Chick-fil-a at lunchtime to folks who register online ahead of time.  But you’ll have to grab it before we run out of it.  We can’t promise that we’ll have enough for everybody…sorry.

Customers Will Not Wait Around for You to Get It…

Companies have to get in synch with how social/mobile is shaping customer behaviors and expectations in order to provide them with experiences that keep them around longer.  And it takes more than saying “Like Us” or “Follow Us” to create meaningful relationships in the Social Age.  It takes looking internally to see if your company is ready, willing and able to work together in order to engage customers who want to be valued for more than just a financial transaction.

By taking a quick look at the agenda you’ll see we will cover this from many different angles and perspectives – from sales, marketing, service, online communities and social media monitoring among others.  We’ll hear some case studies about how companies are making the transition from “using social media” to becoming a real social business able to successfully meet the growing expectations of today’s customer.  And we’ll have a stellar lineup of speakers to bring these messages home.

And thanks to our great sponsors – Microsoft, Radian6, Assistly, BPT Partners, Get Satisfaction and HubSpotyou get all of this for free if you register online in advance.  I hope the five reasons above are enough to convince you to come out and join us Friday February 3rd, so we can get down to social business.

If you’re ready to join us click here to register for the event.  If you need a little more information, come back to this site as we’ll be providing updates on what’s going on with the event.  In either case we hope to see you there!

Reasons to Attend